Inside the life of Dylan Grunn.


Dylan spent much of his youth living between the Catskill Mountains and the Poconos. Coming from theatrical parents and a K-12 at-home education, Dylan was always immersed in some sort of artistic endeavor. Sometimes, it was his parents that would add him to the cast of their productions (sometimes even to play characters way older than his actual age), and other times, Dylan would snatch the family's miniDV tape camera and piece together a film noir with his friends. Needless to say, there were always an abundance of projects to be involved in.

Following graduation from homeschooling, Dylan attended Point Park University to study broadcast journalism. The idea was to study something other than the acting, dance, or music. As the arts tend to do, Dylan could not separate himself enough and by junior year, he was snagging the lead roles in student film productions. Along with jumping back into acting, he also uncovered some mysteries about film production. All of these events have led him to where he is now, New York City. Dylan is acting, directing, creating music, writing screenplays, and constantly bugging friends to collaborate on new projects.